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Clean Eating. Eating Clean...What's All About?

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Have you ever met the phrase "Clean Eating"? I believe you have.

But do you know what is clean eating for sure? On what is based? Is it a diet of a lifestyle?

I found a good resource about Clean Eating on Care4Women and suggest to read it and understand the concept of clean eating.

Healthy meal plan against cellulite

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Cellulite commonly occurs among women after puberty, and often after childbirth. It can be very nasty and requires great persistence to get rid of him. While it is typical for overweight people, can be observed at very thin girls. Factors affecting the appearance of cellulite are genetics, age, and free radicals in the body. The situation can be significantly improved based on the food we consume.
First and foremost, you need to reduce collection of fluids in the body and eliminate excess fluids from the fat cells. This can be achieved by reducing salt intake, drinking large amounts of water and inserting supplies that act as diuretics such as cranberry, celery, fennel, asparagus, parsley, etc.
Excess fat under the skin significantly affects cellulite so you need to burn these subcutaneous fat using anti-cellulite diet and appropriate physical activities. If you want to cut the appearance of cellulite, simple avoid feeding your body with cellulite causing foods.

Normal skin vs Cellulite skin

Cellulite looks worse on dehydrated skin because it has more water than fat cells in the skin cells. Healthy fats moisture as contributing to remain liquid inside the skin cells and not in the fat cells. Thus, important elements of the diet against cellulite are nuts, seeds, olives, and sea fish.

Meal plan against cellulite

In the morning, on an empty stomach: a glass of mineral water (not cold)
8:00 pm. Juice of one orange
11:00 pm.: Yogurt, coffee without sugar
12:00 pm.: 150 gr. boiled chicken without skin and fat (preferably white meat), 100 gr. boiled fish, salad with lemon juice without oil
17:00 pm: tea without sugar, a piece of toast
20.00 h.: 50 gr. rice cooked with fresh tomatoes, boiled egg, fruit (except bananas), 100 gr. low fat milk.

The diet is very restrictive so additional intake of vitamins and minerals are recommended. If cellulite is concentrated only on the legs, the diet should completely remove the salt, and when you notice improvement of the situation can enter salt in small quantities. If the lower part of the stomach is busy with cellulite, sugar should be completely excluded from the diet. It’s forbidden to consume alcohol during the diet. On the other side, movement and exercise should be take part too, because activity is an integral element for removing cellulite.
Swimming and aerobics helps most, and if cannot afford it; try to walk 30 to 60 minutes - five times a week. Massaging the cellulite areas also helps to get rid of it. Massage with appropriate gels or creams against cellulite in a hot bath.

Fat secret: Everything you should know

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Fats are one of the most spoken nutrients, and the least understood. In the diet solution program review, I will answer the most frequently asked questions about fats, so you can make healthier choices.
1. What is fat?
Fats are nutrients that we consume in the diet along with protein and carbohydrates. Fats are chemically similar substances composed of fatty acids. Lipids or fats are a group of organic compounds that are not soluble in water, but dissolve in organic solvents (ether, acetone, chloroform, etc.) and thus can be extracted from the tissues of plants and animals. Lipids, unlike carbohydrates are hydrophobic organic compounds, which mean they do not mix with water, but at the same time give a specific type of solution called emulsion. Fats, carbohydrates, and proteins can other organic compounds to conjugate and build complex compounds that are embedded in the structure of living protoplasm. These substances the most concentrated source of energy. Stored as reserve materials (inclusions), which in plants are usually deposited in endosperm of seeds, while animals in adipose tissue.
2. Diet without fat is healthy
Absolutely not! It is necessary to involve a certain amount of fat in our diet because fats provide essential fatty acids, fat-soluble vitamins and concentrated form of energy. We need fatty acids to build and maintain cell membranes and the creation of certain hormones. So fat is essential, but it is important to choose the right type of fat.
3. How fat got such a bad reputation?
Saturated fat is the main culprit in raising cholesterol levels and the rate of heart disease. However, there are other types of fats that are essential for good health.
4. Which are good fats?
Fats are classified as saturated or unsaturated depending on their chemical structure. Unsaturated (good) fats include polyunsaturated and monounsaturated species, which are better for you because they help in maintaining healthy cholesterol levels. Polyunsaturated 'good' oils are oils of sunflower, soy, nuts and sesame. Monounsaturated 'good' oils are oils of avocado, canola, extra virgin olive oil (Luglio), and peanuts.
5. Why so much love for fatty food?
People are driven by a powerful instinct of survival based on the "feast or famine". Although times have changed and now the food is in abundance, we are still programmed to eat high-energy foods i.e.the more foods we enter, we will have a better chance of survival. We also have a tendency to eat more fat than is good for us, because obesity is full of flavor and attracts food, such as biscuits, cakes and fried meals with warm crunchy ingredient. Food producers also often add fat in preparation for improving the flavor and ingredient and put more fat than they should.
6. Are fats really make you fat?
Although fat is the most energy value of nutrients (containing 38kJ compared to 17kJ per gram for protein and carbohydrates), any food can cause weight gain if the total amount of kilojoules you eat is more than you need. It is obvious that the rate of obesity increases without increasing the percentage of fat we eat.
fat secret - the diet solution program review
7. What fats you should we eat less?
Saturated fat. They are found in meat and other animal products such as butter, cheese, milk, except as low fat. Saturated fats are there in palm and coconut oil, which are often used for baked goods. A diet high in saturated fat can lead to increased cholesterol levels and to different heart diseases. Therefore, their presence in the diet must be restricted. Chocolate and sweet products such as cream are also high in saturated fat.
8. How much fat you should be eating?
Between 30-35% of our daily intake of kilojoules common. In a typical diet of 8700kJ, this is between 50-80g fat each day. There are fats that are already present in some foods, so the correct amount to use is between one and a half - 2 and half spoons of healthy oil a day. You may need slightly less or slightly more, depending on your energy needs. Saturated fat should not be more than 10% of your daily kilojoules intake, or not more than about 30gr. in the normal diet.
9. I am trying to lose weight. How much fat can I eat?
To lose weight, you should eat less fat kilojoules. To stay healthy, your diet must still be balanced, and the proportions of fat in your diet should not fall too low or may not be eating enough essential fats - the right about 30% of your daily kilojoules. In a typical diet for weight loss of 6000kJ, that means 50g. of fat daily. Most of these grams should come from healthy foods, added to 'good' fats.
10. Which oil is best to use?
Any oil made from vegetables, seeds or fruit is good (see Question 4). Coconut oil and palm oil are exceptions to this rule - avoid to use them because they are high in saturated fat. It is recommended to use rich palette of sunflower oil, rapeseed oil, pumpkin oil, linseed oil and olive oil (best).
11. How should I store the oil?
Oil reacts to air, light and heat, so it should be stored in a cool dark place. Buying oil in boxes will help protect from light. If you buy olive oil in a bottle, it is recommended to be kept in a closed area of the kitchen. The oil is best to use within three to four months of opening, so buy in small quantities to keep it fresh.
12. Is it safe to re-use the oil?
Heating will cause the oil to oxidize and degrade, but some do it more slowly. Polyunsaturated oils oxidize easily, but mono-unsaturated oils, as olive oil is more stable and can be reused.
13. Can I cook with cold pressed oils?
Yes, it can be used in preparing each meal and light frying.

The diet solution program review video: What Isabel says about fats?

14. What is extra virgin olive oil?
Extra-virgin olive oil comes from primarily mechanical pressing of olives and is rich in antioxidants. An alternative to this is refined olive oil that is produced when the mixture is further processed olives to extract every last drop of oil.
15. How do you know if the oil is oxidized?
Oil that is oxidized, or past its use has a distinctive smell. Do not use oil with a past time. Healthy oils have a shorter term of unhealthy, so use them quickly and keep them properly.
16. What is a cold pressed oil of pumpkin? With a high percentage of essential omega 3 fatty acids cold filtrated oil seeds of pumpkin seeds protect the body from infections, strengthens the immune system, heart and blood vessels. Pumpkin Oil stimulates the entire body. It can be used 1-3 tablespoons independently or used in the preparation of salads, dressings, or as a supplement to digest. It is recommended in vegetarian and macrobiotic diet.
17. How often can I use salad dressing and mayonnaise? Mayonnaise and salad dressings are usually made with cold pressed oils, mayonnaise but those that are intended for commercial conditions can act very badly for health. Therefore, it is best to make your own mayonnaise and use in moderation.
18. What are Trans fats? Trans fats are a special kind of bad fats that should be limited, since they adversely affect the level of cholesterol. These fats are found in margarine, especially hard. Trans fats are found in foods we buy in stores and restaurants, such as fast foods, baked goods and fried foods. When the declaration of many products you read "hydrogenated" or "partially hydrogenated" fats, this means that the food contains Trans fat. Like saturated fats and Trans fats also increase cholesterol levels and the potential for many heart diseases.
19. What are omega-3 fatty acids?
Why do we need: Omega-3 fatty acids are essential polyunsaturated fatty acids. Our bodies cannot make, so we need to get them from our diet. Omega-3 refers to both chains, short chain fatty acids (plant food) and long-chain fatty acids (animal food). It is best to eat a combination of both.
Where to find them: In plant foods, such as oil from rape and oil from soy and nuts. They are the best sources of omega-3 from short chain fatty acids. Richest source of long-chain fatty acids is seafood (especially mackerel, sardines and salmon), eggs, brain, liver, kidney, and lean red meat (especially beef and lamb). Capsules of fish oil can help boost your omega-3 intake.
What they do: Omega-3 fats are associated with better heart and mental health, reduced risk of inflammatory diseases, and brain development in children.

So to conclude in this article of the diet solution program review:

Fat is not our enemy, but must be consumed in the right quantity, and choose the correct fat. I bringing the best from the diet solution program, so don't forget to come back in a few days...for more info in my reviews!

Five foods that kill stomach fat

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While jogging this morning, I thought that is beneficial to write the 5 foods that kill belly fat in the diet solution program review, so here we are, to learn something new and really important. Read the full article and you'll be surprised because there are foods that may fall into your eyes everyday, but you are not aware of their benefit. This research has not been done by me, but from another nutrition expert that cooperates with Isabel. His name is Mike Geary and you better make online research to find out who is this guy if you like. I just look into the details why these five foods burn stomach fat and here are my findings.

Eggs with their yolk 
 Eggs are very present in the diet solution recipes.The egg white is composed of about 85-90% water, 10-12% protein and less than 1% carbohydrates, fats and minerals. Fat-represented in white are polyunsaturated and therefore not harmful. The white has no cholesterol. Eggs are rich in choline. Choline has a strong role in brain development and its operation. It is especially important for pregnant women because it is required for development of the brain of the fetus. Two large eggs contain 252 milligrams of choline.5 foods that kill belly fat That is almost half the daily needs. Eggs are the perfect food for a balanced and healthy diet and most efficient in our list of 5 foods that kill belly fat. One egg contains around 70-80 calories, so it can smoothly be part of the food diet. People who have weight problem can lose weight faster if 2 times within a low calorie diet (800 calories per day) practice breakfast with eggs. This conclusion is the result of research in America that involved 152 men and women from 25 to 60 years. A group of volunteers ate breakfast eggs, and another group - donuts (with the same number of calories as eggs). The experiment lasted 8 weeks. The results showed that people from the group that combined a low calorie diet and breakfast that includes eggs, weakened to 65% more than the second group ate breakfast donuts. Therefore, do not remove eggs from your diet when you are dieting. Perhaps they will be exactly the reason for losing weight.
 Avocados are high in minerals and vitamins that are particularly useful for organism and have a low calorific value that makes convenient fruit in almost every diet. Here are some of the ingredients that make up the avocado:

- Folic acid - riboflavin
- Niacin - sodium
- Magnesium - lutein
- Potassium - zeaxanthin
- Dietary fiber - glutathione
- Iron - Vitamin A
- Vitamin B - Vitamin C
- Vitamin E - beta carotene
- Beta sitosterol – copper

 Avocado as we note is a special blessing for the body. It is rich in antioxidants, makes detoxification, and can contribute in dealing with the following medical conditions: stress, Insomnia, migraines, diabetes, allergies, anemia, asthma, impotence, depression, kidney, stones, osteoporosis, irritability, acts beneficial during pregnancy, helps with elevated triglycerides, helps with elevated cholesterol, acts favorably on the improvement of metabolism, acts favorably on the improvement of circulation, helps with prostate problems and many other benefits. I believe there are enough benefits of avocados, so up to you to decide whether it is worth this tropical fruit to become part of your daily diet. Certainly, it must be mention in the five foods that kill stomach fat.
Kill belly fat with berries!Never miss cherries, blueberries, raspberries and strawberries in your daily diet. Berries are good for us not only for their color and their flavor, but also for their medicinal properties. But what gives these fruits all these useful features and why Mike have putted berries in the list of 5 foods that kill abdominal fat? They are active compounds known as anthocyanins, pigments of flavonoid family, which give color. Thanks to these substances, berries are valuable allies in the fight against obesity and diabetes and prevention of many chronic, namely cancer and cardiovascular diseases. The mechanism of action of anthocyanins is their protection of cells against free radicals that are produced in the body normally. For this reason, they are also called molecules cleaners.
Recent research showed that one arm nuts a day could help reduce the appetite and melting fat from the abdomen. Under the nuts, products include walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds, Indian nuts, pistachios, etc... Scientists have discovered that there is a link between eating nuts and higher levels of serotonin - a substance that suppresses appetite, causes a feeling of happiness, and improves heart health. Researchers from the University of Barcelona reported that one arm nuts products a day are enough to feel the positive effects on health and appearance. Scientists say this discovery is of particular importance for patients with metabolic syndrome who have excess fat in the abdomen, diabetes, and high blood pressure. With regular use of nuts, which contain healthy fats and antioxidants, can help people to increased body weight and reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes and heart disease. In combination with a healthy diet, nuts will help to remove fat and have a perfectly flat stomach that you always wanted.
Meat without fat
 This includes fish, chicken, turkey and veal. All these meats contain protein, and more. Chicken contains B12, B6 and potassium, baby - zinc, iron, fish - omega-3 fatty acids. That's why I've decided to include them in the 5 foods that kill stomach fat. They are struggling with excessive weight, build muscle mass and strengthen immunity.

So this is the list in the diet solution program review that will help you to lose stomach fat fast. Maybe not so fast as you think like one or two weeks but eating those foods for several monts will definitely give you great results. In combination with exercising, it's a win-win situation. Just try to include these foods in your daily meals and feel the difference after few weeks. If you have any question, just drop your lines bellow. Don't forget to share this post with your friends. Until next time,

The Diet Solution Recipes

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The Diet Solution Recipes is my favorite and sweetest part of the diet solution program review. I'm enjoying writing this, but I also have to admit that I like to cook, and these recipes are welcomed in my kitchen.
the diet solution recipes
No matter how much work I have, I always find minutes to prepare at least two healthy meals that are recommended for my meal plan. But the truth is that my meals are really organized. I'll shout at once if you ask me what is the magic formula that helps me to handle my meals with ease: I combine the diet solution recipes with the given meal plans that are part of the diet solution, and the mixture is doing perfect for me. And of course, the recipes I prepare must suits my meal plans based on my metabolic type. Like I said before in the diet solution program review, you don’t have deal with diet in the traditional meaning because this diet is your personal doctor and trainer, and also nutritionist that teach you which foods to eat that suits your metabolism in order to stay healthy through the year. And logically, the driving forces of the entire program are the diet solution program recipes. Why? Simply because our health depends on healthy recipes and these passed by countless studies and nutritional experts and every case study has shown that they have positive impact on our health condition. They regulate the cholesterol, strengthen immune system, lowering the risk of diabetes and regulate the weight mass. You can see here some simple recipes that I pulled from the diet solution recipes book.

the diet solution salad
the diet solution foods

But wait, I have to tell you something important. Do not start with the recipes as soon as you have them. First of all, you have to read four chapters of the diet solution book and learn some things that are easy to understand because Isabel did her job really well and she is leading you step by step through the main book. Once you learn which are the steps to lose weight, determine your metabolic type and find the real meaning of the word "Calories" (fully described in the book), you can start with creating your personal meal plan. This is really important because by now you should have known which food doesn't count for your metabolic type. That's why I think is important to go step by step. The Food Choices chart provided in the manual will help you to find which foods are best for you. After two or three weeks, try to import your first recipes in your meal plans. You should do this patiently with preparing one receipt in the first week and then double that number every week after.

The hidden power of the diet solution recipes

The diet solution recipes are delicious, healthy and easy to prepare. But they have more "beauty" than you think. They respect certain ratio of the ingredients that should be entered in the body. These include: carbohydrates, proteins, good fats, vitamins, minerals and fiber. Eating exclusively on one of the groups is not desirable for the body to properly perform its function. That's why they are carefully chosen. All we have to 1000 billion cells in our bodies, each of which requires constant daily supply of nutrients to function optimally. And the diet solution will help you to find the proper of ingredients for your metabolic type and which of the recipes are good it. One thing I noticed is that olive oil is often used in the diet solution recipes and I have much knowledge about it. I've seen statistics, which say that in countries where the consumption of olive oil is big, many diseases like heart attack, many types of cancer, type 2 diabetes, blood pressure and osteoporosis are rarely present.

NOTE: Spanish scientists have done research about the link between heart health and olive oil and came to a fantastic conclusion. The people who brought two tablespoons of olive oil a day have 30% lower risk of developing heart disease.

Also, before I finish, I must to mention the diet solution salads. This is another part from Isabel where you can find 145 pages of delicious and healthy salads. When I give this book to my mom, I believe she was the happiest person in the world in that moment :) And not forget the diet solution desserts, which complete the healthiest collection of food recipes. Healthy cookies, cakes, pies, crumbles, muffins...I couldn't wait for the last one.
So by now, I hope that the diet solution program review meets your expectations and I'll give you the best in my next articles. You are free to put some recipes from your kitchen bellow or ask me something I didn't cover. See you for a few days.

Starting with the diet solution program review

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Welcome to my site dear reader. Finally, you found the diet solution program review you’ve been searching for. From a real member, from a person that succeeds with this diet and now I’m prepared to provide my honest review on the diet solution product. I will start this review by introduction with the product and nothing else until next days. My goal is to introduce you with the program and the main characteristics of the greatest weight loss solutions ever developed.

The Diet Solution Program Overview

By now, you probably think that it’s everything about losing weight. Well I must to say that it’s not. It's about health, long term win, tradition, will...And losing weight is just benefit from the previous. When you feel unhappy with yourself, the most important thing is the responsibility to change the image of yourselffrom the brain and that is not easy thing to do. Your body needs proper nutrition and regular activity to be physically and mentally to reach and use the full potential at their disposal. The benefits of proper nutrition are:
  • More energy and vitality
  • Maintaining that body weight that we like the most
  • Dominantly spacious immune system
  • Improving sports performance
  • Delay the effect of aging
  • You will be more active in later years
  • Feel less fatigue and exhaustion
  • Healthy teeth
  • Greater ability to concentrate
  • We will reduce or lose heart problems, some cancers, diabetes and others.
Two things one has to pass by certainly. The first is thought and the second is action. So think how you are being affected by the foods you eat and take an action. With the last word, I mean to ask someone for help, a person who has respectable career as nutritionist as Isabel De Los Rios has. I strongly recommend to follow her steps unless you have good weight loss plan. This person is a nutritionist and has more than ten year’s professional experience. How she start her career? Well the truth is that she has decided to live healthy life since her parents suffered from diabetes. During her student days, her main idea was to find healthy way of living and not to suffer or avoid the risk of diabetes. And she was totally right. She did something about that and today we can take the opportunity to walk the same road as her –something that many people already did and almost all of them will do it for many years to come. The diet solution program review you're reading now is inspired by this great person. So let’s conclude, the diet solution program is a personal masterpiece developed by Isabel with hard work and travail research in the field of nutrition.

Healthy meals under the diet solution program review

The Diet Solution Program Review
Yes, that's true. The entire system is driven by the idea that eating and dieting is one same thing. One of many properties of this diet is that it’s adjustable for each different kind of organism. I suppose you already know that each person has his own metabolic type. Basically, there are three types: metabolic, carb and mixed type. I’m not going write in the diet solution program review about each type extensively. The main thing is that you do belong to one of these metabolic types. Everyone does. The determination is simple process with answering 25 questions and this step will take you only 10 minutes . As soon as you know your type, the next step is going to take place. And that is the creation of perfect diet meal plans for your metabolic type. For each type, there are special foods for consuming but every single of them is first of all natural, healthy and delicious. When I start this diet, having in mind my past experiences with dieting, I thought it would be hard for me to get used to new principles, foods and meals that I’ve never tried before. But guess what? Today, I’m totally enjoy while preparing those meals for me and my family. My body tells me what to eat and how much to eat. That is the result of learning those lessons that Isabel is serving in her books. It’s a long term process and you know that behind every successful story is hiding long term exhibition. I wake up early in the morning, full with energy and prepared for new expectations because of the positive energy that surrounds me. Yes, I’m proud to say that I change my eating habits thanks to Isabel and the results are amazing. But it’s not all about following something. It’s about learning stage, about belief, about will. I even start to think beyond the box. As a young biologist, I’m trying to improve this diet in terms of exercising and preparing new meals that suits my meal plan. It’s really fantastic. Since I’ve started this diet, I've learned many things in aspect of health and nutrition.
Remember, there are no diets that make you lose weight fast but there are diets to follow with patience and results will come for sure.
With the help of Isabel, you’ll learn what exactly to eat, how to plan your meals and if you didn’t succeed until now with any diet plan, don’t worry. You are welcomed in the online community of this program – a place where every single question or problem is answered with the help of the diet solution program team and Isabel itself. Only actual members have access to that community. I will write more about that in the next articles.

Final thoughts on the diet solution program review

In the next reviews, I'll write about Healthy weight loss meals and I shall offer you very complete information about the diet solution program designed by Nutritionist Isabel De Los Rios. Actually, I'll talk about the diet solution program recipes so hope you come back because I'm convinced that this diet will be the last diet that you ever have to try. Finally, within the diet solution program review I encourage you to ask anything about this wonderful program. Also, don't forget to check my profile to view my personal information and profiles for further needs. Love and regards.