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Healthy meal plan against cellulite

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Cellulite commonly occurs among women after puberty, and often after childbirth. It can be very nasty and requires great persistence to get rid of him. While it is typical for overweight people, can be observed at very thin girls. Factors affecting the appearance of cellulite are genetics, age, and free radicals in the body. The situation can be significantly improved based on the food we consume.
First and foremost, you need to reduce collection of fluids in the body and eliminate excess fluids from the fat cells. This can be achieved by reducing salt intake, drinking large amounts of water and inserting supplies that act as diuretics such as cranberry, celery, fennel, asparagus, parsley, etc.
Excess fat under the skin significantly affects cellulite so you need to burn these subcutaneous fat using anti-cellulite diet and appropriate physical activities. If you want to cut the appearance of cellulite, simple avoid feeding your body with cellulite causing foods.

Normal skin vs Cellulite skin

Cellulite looks worse on dehydrated skin because it has more water than fat cells in the skin cells. Healthy fats moisture as contributing to remain liquid inside the skin cells and not in the fat cells. Thus, important elements of the diet against cellulite are nuts, seeds, olives, and sea fish.

Meal plan against cellulite

In the morning, on an empty stomach: a glass of mineral water (not cold)
8:00 pm. Juice of one orange
11:00 pm.: Yogurt, coffee without sugar
12:00 pm.: 150 gr. boiled chicken without skin and fat (preferably white meat), 100 gr. boiled fish, salad with lemon juice without oil
17:00 pm: tea without sugar, a piece of toast
20.00 h.: 50 gr. rice cooked with fresh tomatoes, boiled egg, fruit (except bananas), 100 gr. low fat milk.

The diet is very restrictive so additional intake of vitamins and minerals are recommended. If cellulite is concentrated only on the legs, the diet should completely remove the salt, and when you notice improvement of the situation can enter salt in small quantities. If the lower part of the stomach is busy with cellulite, sugar should be completely excluded from the diet. It’s forbidden to consume alcohol during the diet. On the other side, movement and exercise should be take part too, because activity is an integral element for removing cellulite.
Swimming and aerobics helps most, and if cannot afford it; try to walk 30 to 60 minutes - five times a week. Massaging the cellulite areas also helps to get rid of it. Massage with appropriate gels or creams against cellulite in a hot bath.