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The Diet Solution Recipes

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The Diet Solution Recipes is my favorite and sweetest part of the diet solution program review. I'm enjoying writing this, but I also have to admit that I like to cook, and these recipes are welcomed in my kitchen.
the diet solution recipes
No matter how much work I have, I always find minutes to prepare at least two healthy meals that are recommended for my meal plan. But the truth is that my meals are really organized. I'll shout at once if you ask me what is the magic formula that helps me to handle my meals with ease: I combine the diet solution recipes with the given meal plans that are part of the diet solution, and the mixture is doing perfect for me. And of course, the recipes I prepare must suits my meal plans based on my metabolic type. Like I said before in the diet solution program review, you don’t have deal with diet in the traditional meaning because this diet is your personal doctor and trainer, and also nutritionist that teach you which foods to eat that suits your metabolism in order to stay healthy through the year. And logically, the driving forces of the entire program are the diet solution program recipes. Why? Simply because our health depends on healthy recipes and these passed by countless studies and nutritional experts and every case study has shown that they have positive impact on our health condition. They regulate the cholesterol, strengthen immune system, lowering the risk of diabetes and regulate the weight mass. You can see here some simple recipes that I pulled from the diet solution recipes book.

the diet solution salad
the diet solution foods

But wait, I have to tell you something important. Do not start with the recipes as soon as you have them. First of all, you have to read four chapters of the diet solution book and learn some things that are easy to understand because Isabel did her job really well and she is leading you step by step through the main book. Once you learn which are the steps to lose weight, determine your metabolic type and find the real meaning of the word "Calories" (fully described in the book), you can start with creating your personal meal plan. This is really important because by now you should have known which food doesn't count for your metabolic type. That's why I think is important to go step by step. The Food Choices chart provided in the manual will help you to find which foods are best for you. After two or three weeks, try to import your first recipes in your meal plans. You should do this patiently with preparing one receipt in the first week and then double that number every week after.

The hidden power of the diet solution recipes

The diet solution recipes are delicious, healthy and easy to prepare. But they have more "beauty" than you think. They respect certain ratio of the ingredients that should be entered in the body. These include: carbohydrates, proteins, good fats, vitamins, minerals and fiber. Eating exclusively on one of the groups is not desirable for the body to properly perform its function. That's why they are carefully chosen. All we have to 1000 billion cells in our bodies, each of which requires constant daily supply of nutrients to function optimally. And the diet solution will help you to find the proper of ingredients for your metabolic type and which of the recipes are good it. One thing I noticed is that olive oil is often used in the diet solution recipes and I have much knowledge about it. I've seen statistics, which say that in countries where the consumption of olive oil is big, many diseases like heart attack, many types of cancer, type 2 diabetes, blood pressure and osteoporosis are rarely present.

NOTE: Spanish scientists have done research about the link between heart health and olive oil and came to a fantastic conclusion. The people who brought two tablespoons of olive oil a day have 30% lower risk of developing heart disease.

Also, before I finish, I must to mention the diet solution salads. This is another part from Isabel where you can find 145 pages of delicious and healthy salads. When I give this book to my mom, I believe she was the happiest person in the world in that moment :) And not forget the diet solution desserts, which complete the healthiest collection of food recipes. Healthy cookies, cakes, pies, crumbles, muffins...I couldn't wait for the last one.
So by now, I hope that the diet solution program review meets your expectations and I'll give you the best in my next articles. You are free to put some recipes from your kitchen bellow or ask me something I didn't cover. See you for a few days.