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Hi, my name is Elena and I'm the author of the diet solution program review.Thanks for visiting my site and this page especially, because you really want to know who I am and that makes me feel happy. And what motivates me in order to give this valuable information to the online world? Well first of all, I'm biologist. I want to study the human body and find out the real consequences of long and healthy life. That the main reason why I started this project. By now, I know that the food plays very big role in our overall health. So I found this popular program to be the closest one to my researching projects because I've tested on me and some people around me. The results are progressive in every case so I realized that the traditional dieting we know (starvation and pills) is not the right way to lose weight. For me, dropping pounds is just a benefit of other more important things like better health, eating healthy and delicious recipes, lowering cholesterol etc. But that is just me and I know that many people are interested in just losing weight and nothing else. In both cases, the right choice is to choose this diet, because it's a diet to live healthier life and lose weight in the same time. So what else to say...I like when people are asking me health related questions and I encourage you to do that on the Contact Page. That's my job, to help people and improve our health on natural way.
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